We as Çalık & Çalık Law Office, published many articles, court expertise reports, attended many newspaper and maritime magazine interviews as well as television programs about admiralty & maritime law and international maritime transportation and participated to many academic and/or professional seminars, panels and conferences on the same topic. On the other hand, our admiral ships under our publications are three admiralty & maritime law books written by Mr. Ahmet Çalık which are mentioned below.

Our Law Books Are ;

                 Maritime Law
 Prof. Dr. Adil İzveren, Prof. Dr. Nisim Franko, Adv. Ahmet Çalık
                 ISBN : 975-537-049-8

                 International and Public Maritime Law for Maritime Commerce Practicers
Adv. Ahmet Çalık
                 ISBN : 975-94695-0-2

                   Maritime Law with Main Features of New Turkish Code of Commerce
 Adv. Ahmet Çalık
                   ISBN : 978-605-89037-6-0

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